Finally! It’s about time! This is IT! Comfort Cooking for Two is my, Sarah Johnson’s, blog designed to share all my tasty tasty recipes with you. If I were to categorize my style of cooking it would be comfort cooking, hence the name of this here blog. So if you like, flavorful, fulfilling, hearty meals, then my recipes are sure to delight and satisfy you!

The “Two” in my Comfort Cooking for Two is in reference to, none other, then my wonderful hubby, Jesse, and I. I have always enjoyed baking. Mostly I enjoy eating baked treats. But ever since I got married I have loved cooking dinner. The elated look on Jesse’s face when he is devouring dinner is the ultimate compliment I could ever get. I am continuing to learn ingredients and what taste good with what, but it is a fun learning experience and I’m glad that Jesse hasn’t given up on me, even though, believe me, he has had to try to stomach some not so pleasant dinners. 😉 At the beginning of our marriage it was quite difficult for me to try to find recipes that were made for only two people (luckily my husband is a math genius and always did the math on cutting all the portion sizes down for me.) I have, since then, developed most of my recipes for just two people.

Jesse and I have been married for two and a half years now and we live in Seattle, WA. I love chocolate more than anyone ever should (I’m pretty sure I eat chocolate every day!!)Laying on the couch all day watching movies is my idea of the perfect Saturday, but hiking and camping are a pretty close second. My dream job would be to design cakes and cupcakes. We have 2 four legged children, Billie Jean and Prudence, that keep us on our toes until the real children come along one day. I look forward to making dinner every night, and I hope some of these recipes will make you feel the same way!



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