Mini Chocolate Caramel Apples

Jesse and I made this sweet treat together on Wednesday night. This is definitely a tag team effort and if you want to make successful Mini Chocolate Caramel Apples, you are going to need a partner. Working with caramel is super tricky, but working with caramel on apples is even harder. Caramel and apples do not want to be best friends! Caramel tends to slide right off of apples making it difficult to enjoy caramel and apples together. So I figured out an easy alternative way to make caramel apples that includes chocolate, YUM!  I actually made these for Jesse’s work potluck for Halloween. They always have a baking competition at his potlucks and I like to enter just for fun! This time I actually WON! The prize was just a little gift, but the pride of a job well done really made me so happy!  All of Jesse’s and my hard work paid off because people enjoyed this treat as much as we were hoping they would. So if you are looking for a fun treat to bring to a potluck, or just make for Thanksgiving this year. Try out these tasty little mini chocolate caramel apples; let me know what you think!

Ingredients: (this recipe made ~40 mini apples)

  • 1 Bag of baking caramels
  • 2 TBS cream (According to the packaged directions)
  • 5 Green apples (I love to use the green apples because the sour of the apples taste great with the sweet of the chocolate and caramel)
  • ½ C Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Mini cupcake holders
  • Bamboo skewers (cut down to smaller sizes)
  • Melon Baller


  1. I found it easiest to peel the green apples as close to the skin as possible. It is much easier to get a good ball shape if the skin is off the apples, but you don’t want to take off too much of the apple under the skin because then you will lose a lot of your apple.
  2. Jesse had to do this part for me because it was pretty difficult to get the ball shape with the melon baller. Pretty much take each apple and try to get as many balls out of it as you can.
  3. Place each ball on a cookie sheet covered in either tin foil or wax paper.
  4. Once you have all your balls cut out of your apples, place a cut up bamboo skewer in each ball. I think I cut them down to about the length of my pinkie.
  5. IMG_2235
  6. Then take a double broiler and melt your chocolate.
  7. Once your chocolate is melted, drizzle your chocolate all over your apple balls. Once every apple is drizzled with chocolate, place them in the fridge for about 30 mins so the chocolate can get super hard and stuck to the apple.
  8. IMG_2236
  9. While your apples are in the fridge melt your caramels. Place your unwrapped pieces of caramel in a double broiler and add your cream according to the packaged directions.
  10. Once your caramel is completely melted, let it boil for about 3 mins. Then take it off the double broiler and let cool down.
  11. You don’t want your caramel to be superhot or else it will melt your chocolate.
  12. This is where you will need another person to help you!! This is how Jesse and I did it:
  • I took the bowl that had the caramel in it, and set it next to the baking tray with the chocolate covered apples on it. I also had the mini cupcake holders ready to go next to me.
  • I would take one apple, hold it but the stick, drizzle caramel all over the chocolate and apple, place it in a mini cupcake holder, hand it to Jesse and he would immediately put it on a tray in the fridge.


  • It is important to get these apples in the fridge as quick as possible because 1. You don’t want to melt the chocolate and 2. You want the caramel to harden up really quick before it gets watery and runny.

13. Once you have all your caramel apples in the fridge, leave them in there right before serving!




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